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Design any formation

MIL units can be used to create custom maze-like training structures which can be used as:

  • 360ᵒ assault bays
  • Pistol and rifle ranges
  • Shoot houses with multi-vehicle assault bays and close quarter training

25m pistol range.png

Completely customize your training ground

MIL units don’t require any foundations or concrete and simply need fill material to build. There is zero requirement for creating earth berms and if existing berms are already in place these can be used to fill the MIL units.

MIL units can be moved so you can re-design the training layout and build at your leisure.

With the removal of the traditional earth berms, your ranges will have a greatly reduced footprint, allowing you to use less space while creating limitless structures.


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Create firing ranges for:

  • Advanced shooters
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Pistol
Training Ranges

NOTTC Case Study showcasing their 2016 firing ranges, shoot house and multi purpose vehicle bay.

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Create the ideal training environment Training Grounds

Hesco has provided protection around ranges for the US Army and National Armed Forces worldwide.

The speed of installation and proven performance make ours the technology of choice for ballistic barriers. A 100ft-long wall, 7ft tall can be built by 3 men with suitable equipment in less than 2 hours and our barriers will occupy only 5ft of width on the ground when completed.

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