Defending both critical infrastructure and civilian personnel, in dangerous regions demands protection that is secure, reliable, and readily available.


HESCO units are used to protect infrastructure and resources around the globe, saving millions of dollars worth of critical assets and countless lives.

Our MIL™ units provide increased efficiency and security, reducing logistical burden, allowing the construction of city-like fortifications. Whether used as a preventative barrier or safe haven bunkers, HESCO ground-mounted units can safeguard personnel, vehicles, equipment, facilities and critical assets.

The Accommodation Bunkers (HAB) create a safe haven for employees to retreat to for protection in volatile working environments. A wall service vent allows easy installation of air-conditioning and electricity, able to transform living spaces into communication hubs.

HESCO Security Barriers are ground-mounted, hostile vehicle mitigation security defences, with anti-climb fascia, engineered to provide a rapidly deployed high-level security fence for the protection of critical infrastructure and assets.

Whether using the highly versatile MIL range of defensive units, or utilizing the growing range of protective structures, HESCO products can protect your workforce, defend assets, and ensures the delivery of supplies without the risk of breach or sabotage.



Case Study

Creating a safe haven

With one bobcat, one excavator and eight workers four HAB bunkers were built as part of a security upgrade, to increase protection at the main entry control points, creating a safe haven for the workers to shelter in case of an attack. Technical Support was onsite to train a local subcontractor.


Technical drawings

We can deliver conceptual drawings to support your plans. As engineers we offer an evaluation of your designs and provide a workable solution.


The original MIL unit being deployed.


Ground-mounted, hostile vehicle mitigation security fences, with anti-climb fascia

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Renowned as the ultimate force protection barrier system

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Creating safe havens

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