With the increasing prevalence of devastating flooding effecting countries across the globe, there is a growing need to provide effective and accessible control measures, which protect critical infrastructure, assets and homes.  


Coastal Erosion

Coastlines are wearing away; the constant ebb and flow of tides and increase in violent storm surges are ripping away at the world’s natural flood defenses. Implementing restoration projects allows wetlands and coastlines to flourish.

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Case Study

Somerset Flood

Flood units were deployed to protect a local community in Westonzoyland, UK. The Environment Agency and Kingcombe Aquacare installed the units with onsite support and training from our Technical Support Team.

Case Study

Tropical Storm Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac was bearing down on the North Coast off the Gulf of Mexico. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana declared a state of emergency. Up to 12 feet of storm surge was expected, according to meteorologists at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Louisiana Highway 23, a vital transportation and evacuation route, was at risk so the State of Louisiana deployed 4 miles of our flood units in Plaquemines Parish to prevent flooding in a low stretch of the highway.

Case Study

Vidalia, Louisiana, USA

In May 2011 HESCO units were deployed in Vidalia, Louisiana, USA to protect six sites in danger of flooding. 12ft walls were built around two hospitals, a convention center, hotel, spa, and two water pump stations in the town of Vidalia, LA. Over 7 miles of our flood barriers were installed in less than 100 hours.


CART has been designed to achieve maximum logistical efficiency and rapid protection in emergency situations

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Light, recyclable and highly flexible flood barrier

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