Define and defend borders with the best in security solutions, protecting against diverse threats such as vehicle impact, intrusion, blast and ballistic attacks.

With continuous risk to national security and many unpredictable challenges to contend with, you need confidence in the security solutions you select and with Hesco you can stand strong in the knowledge your countries borders are protected by the best.

From innovative ground-mounted barriers to anti-climb fencing and intrusion detection systems, HESCO products allow effective management of border security and the secure control of traffic.

HESCO RAID deploying over 1,000ft of barrier in under 5 minutes

From rapid deployment barriers to surveillance and detection, we can deliver an effective total solution for managing border security and traffic.

HESCO perimeter solutions require minimal ground work, able to deploy over rough terrain, saving time and resources to deliver effective high security over vast areas.

For crowd control perimeter protection HESCO Security Barriers are rapidly deployable with anti-climb fascia’s, compatible with perimeter detections systems and completely ground-mounted; the necessity for excavating foundations has been removed, increasing the variability of deployment.

HESCO RAID is able to deploy over a 1000 feet of protective barrier in under five minutes with immediate cover from sight, creating a vast formidable wall in remote areas with maximum logistical efficiency.

To ensure the protection of your workforce HESCO Accommodation Bunkers create a secure refuge for your employees and HESCO Elevated Sangers provide checkpoints and watchtowers along vast international borders.

Our Expertise

Protection you can count on

With an accumulative century of military experience, and Technical Support Teams qualified to train and instruct in all fields of deployments.

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Modular and configurable

Built to requirements, we design and deliver custom solutions, offering unique protection against unique threats from environmental to blast and ballistic.

From anti-climb to vehicle mitigation, modular products can be configured to secure borders from all types of intrusion, paired with surveillance and detection systems for additional management.


Security and Government Agencies

HESCO barriers are used for government applications around the world to protect people and assets such as Embassies and United Nations peacekeeping activities.

HESCO body armor protects the United States Coast Guard and our security fences contributed significantly to the security of the sporting events such as the 2012 London Olympics.


Renowned as the ultimate force protection barrier system

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RAID was developed to reduce the logistical burden during expeditionary operations

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XS has been installed in austere and remote locations, providing an enhanced level of high security to oil and gas operators in some of the harshest…

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