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Safe and secure observation points

Our Ground Mounted and Elevated Sangars are modular units enable your personnel to safely observe the perimeter or control entry points.

Sangars dominate the operational area and so allow excellent vision and arcs of fire.


Designed for rapid deployment and redeployment

Our sangars range are constructed using our unique earth-filled modular MIL units. This means that the sangars can be assembled in only eight hours with a construction team, suitable loading machine and minimal ground preparation.

Once there is no need for the sangar, it can be quickly disassembled. The MIL units are flat packed and so even after it’s been taken apart, the sangars can be easily redeployed making them cost-effective.

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Tested in combat scenarios

Since 1991 MIL units have been protecting personnel against blasts, ballistic threats, terrorist attacks, explosions and projectiles.

Ballistic glass can also be fitted to the apertures to provide extra protection to the occupants.

Safety doesn’t compromise.

Product Specifications

Open Close Sangars

Product Height Width Length
Elevated Sangar 24' (7.36m) 18' (5.50m) 18' (5.50m)
Ground Mounted Sangar 12 2" (3.70m) 18' (5.50m) 18' (5.50m)


Both sangars have a 5.5m x 5.5m (18’ x 18’) base.
The Elevated Sangar has an overall height of 3.7m (12’2”) with a stairway to the upper level.
Each sangar has an internal space of 3m x 3m.

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Technical details for the HESCO Ground-Mounted and Elevated Sangars

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Overview of the complete HESCO Protective Barriers

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