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Minimal manpower, maximum protection

Introducing an innovative range of roof products based on the newly developed Hesco Lightweight Overhead Protection System (LOPS). 

LOPS is the first roof of its kind. It does not require a central support column, giving a clear span almost 5 meters wide of overhead blast and ballistic protection. LOPS can be extended to any length required, safeguarding accommodation, ammunition, vehicles, and equipment in a way not previously possible.


Complete custom solution

Easily shipped in a single 20ft container, LOPS can be assembled by just two people in a matter of hours. Until now, structures of this size and shape would have required heavy machinery to install, as well as increased man-power and construction materials.


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Unique Hesco design


An independently tested product with a patented construction, LOPS presents a significant development in protective structures, with potential across the defense and Oil & Gas industries, as well as humanitarian applications. 



Utilizing the LOPS roof, A-LOPS (Ancillary Lightweight Overhead Protective System) gives clear internal width of 10.2 meters. This large clear unsupported area allows for two accommodation containers or vehicles to be protected.



The SU-LOPS (Single Unit Lightweight Overhead Protection System) configuration provides lightweight overhead protection to units from indirect fire weapons. Designed to fit directly onto a single Edilsider 1001 shelter series container, this roof system allows greater flexibility for camp design.

The SU-LOPS utilizes the LOPS roof system which is blast tested without substantial damage in accordance with STANAG 2280.

Subsequent kits can be added to increase the overall width and footprint to create single, double or multi-unit configurations.


Product Specifications

Open Close LOPS

Product Height Width Length
LOPS - Double 1.66m 12.7m
(5m clearance per side)
MIL 19 2.74m 1.06m 7.42m
CONFIGURATION* 4.4m 12.7m 7.42m


Product Height Width Length
LOPS - Single 1.66m 6.97m
(5m clearance)
MIL 19 2.74m 1.06m 7.42m
CONFIGURATION* 4.4m 6.97m 7.42m

*Configuration can change depending on the supporting wall used

Open Close SU-LOPS

Product Height Width Length
SU-LOPS 2.1m 2.46m 7.3m
CONFIGURATION* 4.85m 2.46m 7.3m

 *Configuration can change depending on the supporting wall used

Open Close A-LOPS

Product Height Width Length
A-LOPS: Double 4.64m 13.52m
(10.2m clearance

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LOPS Downloads



Technical details for LOPS double configuration 

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Technical details for A-LOPS

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Technical details for SU-LOPS

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