The HESCO Lightweight Bunker Roof
(LWBR™) is a rapid and easily constructed lightweight roof specifically designed to provide protection against indirect fire.

LWBR is a single, light-weight bunker roof designed for variable spans of 2.3m to 3.3m with a roof length of 5m. The roof comprises of extruded aluminum parts, wood outer panelling and a high-performance polyester outer cover.

It is simplistic to build with simple tools, which are provided, and in-service light earthmoving equipment. The majority of construction takes place at ground level with partially completed roof segments lifted into place. Four persons and one piece of earthmoving equipment can construct one roof in half a day. 

LWBR can be built on almost any wall capable of taking the load that the roof will impose upon it.

The structure can provide collective protection, for living accommodation, field hospitals, safe houses or overhead cover for ammunition and fuel stores.


Protective Structures

Product Height Width Length
LWBR 5' (1.52m) 7'6" - 10'10" (2.30m - 3.30m) 16'5" (5.00m)

*The LWBR is not supplied with the supporting walls. MIL 19 specifically designed for use with this product.

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Tested to the limit

Tested to the limit

Blast and fragmentation testing has been carried out on all our defensive barrier units.