Our protective barriers have been adapted and developed to meet a diverse range of end-user requirements.

Since their first deployment in the military field, HESCO Accommodation Bunkers have been used for personal protection, command stations to in-field medical centres, and overhead protection for ammunition stores.

In the civilian arena our bunkers create a safe haven for employees to retreat to for protection in volatile working environment. A wall service vent allows easy installation of air-conditioning and electricity.

Guard Posts and Elevated Sangers have been used for sentry points in the most remote expeditionary missions or to strengthen custom and immigration border-crossing points that handle high volumes of traffic.  

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Protect your workforce

Create a secure refuge for your employees by providing protection for up to eight people with HESCO Accommodation Bunker.

Overhead protection

With minimal training create a fortified bunker roof, spanning up to 3.3m that will protect against blast and fragmentation.

Core products


Developed to protect deployed personnel

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Designed to provide protection against indirect fire

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Easy to assemble ground mounted guard posts

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Providing protection from both blast and ballistic threats

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