RAID has been developed to reduce the logistical burden during expeditionary operations; when constructing forward operating bases, miles of perimeter protection and border control points.

Product Specifications

RAID™ utilizes a specially designed and engineered ISO container with a purposely designed release mechanism to allow the rapid deployment of pre-joined standard or recoverable MIL units

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Product Height Width Length
Rapid Deployment - Standard      
RAID 7 H  87" (2.21m)  84" (2.13m)  1092' (333m)
RAID 7  87" (2.21m)  84" (21.13m)  777' (237m)
RAID 10  87" (2.21m)  60" (1.52m)  735' (224m)
RAID 12  84" (2.13m)  42" (1.06m)  1053' (321m)


Product Height Width Length
Rapid Deployment - Recoverable      
RAID 7 RH  87" (2.21m)  84" (2.13m)  1092' (333m)
RAID 7 R  87" (2.21m)  84" (2.13m) 777' (237m)
RAID 10 R  87" (2.21m)  60" (1.52m)  735' (224m)
RAID 12 R  84" (2.13m)  42" (1.06m)  1053' (321m)

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