The technology

The MIL unit is a multi-cellular barrier system manufactured from welded zinc-aluminum coated steel wire mesh and joined with vertical, helical-coil joints. The units are lined with a heavy-duty non-woven polypropylene geotextile. When joined and filled, the system can be used to create barriers of exceptional strength and structural integrity.


Product Specifications

Product Height Width Length
MIL1 5442 54" (1.37m) 42" (1.06m) 32'9" (10m)
MIL2 2424 24" (0.61m) 24" (0.61m) 4' (1.22m)
MIL3 3939 39" (1.00m) 39" (1.00m) 32'9" (10m)
MIL4 3960 39" (1.00m) 60" (1.52m) 32'9" (10m)
MIL5 2424 24" (0.61M) 24" (0.61M) 10' (3.05m)
MIL6 6624 66" (1.68m) 24" (0.61m) 102 (3.05m)
MIL7 8784 87" (2.21m) 84" (2.13m) 91' (27.74m)
MIL8 5448 54" (1.37m) 48" (1.22m) 32'9" (10m)
MIL9 3930 39"(1.00m) 30" (0.76m) 30' (9.14m)
MIL10 8760 87" (2.21m) 60" (1.52m) 100' (30.50m)
MIL11 4812 48" (1.22m) 12" (0.30m) 4' (1.22m)
MIL12 8442 84" (2.13m) 42" (1.06m) 108' (33m)
MIL19 10842 108" (2.74m) 42" (1.06m) 10'5" (3.18m)

All dimensions are nominal. Product images are for illustrative purposes only.
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Technical Information

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MIL Concertainer Construction

HESCO MIL Concertainer construction

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MIL Units

Shoot House and CQT Grounds

There is no limit to the length of structures that can be created when using our MIL Units and heights of 40 feet can be achieved, with the correct design. This enables the creation of varying levels and maze-like formations for shoot house and close quarter training grounds.

Case Study

Hill Stabilisation

Technical Support Team assist the Malaysian Military with a hill stabilisation project in Borneo during the Monsoon season.