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MIL has protected troops in conflicts around the world since 1991

Its unrivalled innovative design has safeguarded personnel, vehicles, equipment, facilities and other critical assets for governments, the military and humanitarian and civilian operations for over three decades.


Assemble and fill in minutes

MIL comes as a flat packed unit and can be assembled faster with minimal manpower, handling equipment and fill material.

A 10m long wall will take two people and one front-loading machine only 20 minutes to construct. Using sandbags, the same wall will take eight people eight hours to build and needs three time as much fill material.

MIL units unfold and are positioned, pinned together and filled with local materials like sand or earth. Because the units are pinned together, they can create limitless defensive structures anywhere, anytime.

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Unrivaled protection

The structure and assembly may be simple, but our MIL units can withstand blast and ballistic threats, terrorist attacks and protect personnel from explosions and projectiles.

MIL is made from strengthened zinc-aluminium coated steel which delivers exceptional protection and stability against a range of attacks.

MIL can be used for:

  • Defensive walls
  • Forward operating bases
  • Accommodation bunkers
  • Perimeter security
  • Blast and ballistic protection
  • Command & control centres
  • Training grounds & shoot houses
  • Military compounds
  • Ammunition storage
  • Explosive traverses
  • Vehicle check points
  • Hostile vehicle mitigation 

Product Specifications

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Product Height Width Length
MIL1 5442 54" (1.37m) 42" (1.06m) 32'9" (10m)
MIL2 2424 24" (0.61m) 24" (0.61m) 4' (1.22m)
MIL3 3939 39" (1.00m) 39" (1.00m) 32'9" (10m)
MIL4 3960 39" (1.00m) 60" (1.52m) 32'9" (10m)
MIL5 2424 24" (0.61M) 24" (0.61M) 10' (3.05m)
MIL7 8784 87" (2.21m) 84" (2.13m) 91' (27.74m)
MIL8 5448 54" (1.37m) 48" (1.22m) 32'9" (10m)
MIL9 3930 39"(1.00m) 30" (0.76m) 30' (9.14m)
MIL10 8760 87" (2.21m) 60" (1.52m) 100' (30.50m)
MIL11 4812 48" (1.22m) 12" (0.30m) 4' (1.22m)
MIL12 8442 84" (2.13m) 42" (1.06m) 108' (33m)
MIL19 10842 108" (2.74m) 42" (1.06m) 10'5" (3.18m)

All dimensions are nominal. Product images are for illustrative purposes only.
For further information on MIL units, download the product sheet and technical specification sheets below.

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Product Height Width Length
MIL1 5442 R 54" (1.37m) 42" (1.06m) 32'9" (10m)
MIL2 2424 R 24" (0.61m) 24" (0.61m) 4' (1.22m)
MIL3 3939 R 39" (1.00m) 39" (1.00m) 32'9" (10m)
MIL4 3960 R 39" (1.00m) 60" (1.52m) 32'9" (10m)
MIL5 2424 R 24" (0.61m) 24" (0.61m) 10'(3.05m)
MIL6 6624 R 66" (1.68m) 24" (0.61m) 10' (3.05m)
MIL7 8784 R 87" (2.21m) 84" (2.13m) 91' (27.74m)
MIL8 5448 R 54" (1.37m) 48" (1.22m) 32'9" (10m)
MIL9 3930 R 39" (1.00m) 30" (0.76m) 30' (9.14m)
MIL10 8760 R 87" (2.21m) 60" (1.52m) 100' (30.50m)
MIL11 4812 R 48" (1.22m) 12" (0.30m) 4' (1.22m)
MIL12 8442 R 84" (2.13m) 42" (1.06m) 108' (33m)


MIL™ Recoverable

The recoverable range of MIL units have been developed in direct response to the end-users requirements.

With the military’s increased commitment to environmental responsibility, and the rising costs of recovery of materials when decommissioning a military base, our engineers designed an innovative recovery system to reduce in-theatre logistical burdens at the end of the mission.

The recoverable range provides the same high-specification welded mesh and geotextile as standard MIL units, but the patented recoverable feature means that individual cells can be opened by removing just one pin, allowing the fill material to be released from the unit.

 Recoverable MIL units are deployed in exactly the same way as the standard MIL products. Once the mission is over, efficient recovery for disposal can begin. To recover the units for disposal simply open the cell by removing the pin, this allows the fill material to flow freely from the cell. The units can then be recovered fully intact and flat packed for transportation for recycling or disposal, providing substantial reduction in logistical and environmental impact.

MIL Concertainer Construction

HESCO MIL Concertainer construction

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Technical details for the HESCO MIL product range, including dimensions

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Overview of the complete HESCO MIL range

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Technical details for the HESCO MIL Recoverable product range, including dimensions

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Open Close How high can I build my Hesco wall?

The main rule regarding the building of walls made from Hesco MIL Units is that the height of the wall must never exceed 2 x the width of the base. For example, a wall with a 1m (3’3”) wide base should not exceed 2m (6’6”) height.

Open Close What fill material is acceptable?

The fill material used in building walls has a significant bearing on the walls’ protective qualities. Generally, the ideal fill is a sand/gravel mix. This offers good construction characteristics, but, more importantly, offers a high degree of protection, with little incidence of secondary fragmentation.

Open Close Can you assist with the build?

We can deliver conceptual drawings to support your plans. As engineers we offer an evaluation of your designs and provide a workable solution.

Open Close Do you install the Hesco?

Our onsite support and training packages are available anywhere in the world and allow the end user a direct line of communication throughout installation.

Open Close What is the minimum equipment/workforce requirement building a wall of MIL?

A 10M long wall can be built from MIL 1 units by two men with suitable Material-Handling Equipment in than 20 minutes.