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Protecting forces since 1991

Since their first use in the First Gulf War in 1991, our defensive barriers have become synonymous with force protection. Their unique design lets you use your environment to efficiently create limitless defensive barriers. MIL Units are configurable and can be deployed to meet your operational requirements.

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Fast protection with minimal logistical problems

Operating in a volatile environment means it’s crucial you can build a defensive structure with speed and efficiency.

Our RAID system allows you to deploy over 1,000 feet of MIL units in under 60 seconds. So you can have suitable and complete protection in a matter of minutes.

Many of our units are recoverable so you can just as easily clean up as you did deploy. This also means that defense is cost-effective and your impact on the environment is significantly reduced.

MIL Units protect against:

  • High explosives, shaped charges
  • RPG7, thermobaric warhead
  • 50MPH 65,000lb vehicle crash
  • 7/14.5/30mm caliber weapon systems
  • 120mm mortar round
  • 81mm mortar round
  • Artillery weapons

Inconspicuous and easy to recover

  • All MIL Units are lined with a non-woven, UV-resistant geotextile with a five-year field life they can cope with harsh environments. Each unit is available in beige (as default) or green standard colours.

  • The units are available in a range of heights and widths to provide protection against various threats including vehicles.

  • The geotextile-lined barriers are available in a recoverable format so you can quickly release the fill simply be removing the pin.

  • Units can be transported in ISO containers or flat-bed vehicles for a quick clean up.

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RAID was developed to reduce the logistical burden during expeditionary operations

MIL Concertainer Construction

HESCO MIL Concertainer construction

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Over 1,000 feet in under 60 seconds

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