JACKBOX™ moves beyond traditional gabion technology of wire and mesh to provide a self-supporting, light and highly flexible solution, creating an earth-filled barrier that protects against flood.

Utilizing an impermeable front facing material to minimize seepage and comprised of a semi-permeable material to allow drainage within the fill material. Each unit is self-supporting and can be positioned and filled with ease, carried by two people.

Engineered to be separated as individual cells, during clean up after the flood event, allowing the fill material to be disposed of with ease. An 80ft JACKBOX Flood Barrier can be cleared away using Manual Handling Equipment in under 40 minutes.


Flood Units

Product Height Width Length
JB2727 27" (0.7m) 27" (0.7m) 20' (6.1m)
JB3939 39" (1m) 39" (1m) 30' (9.15m)

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Technical Information

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Tested to the limit

All JACKBOX units have successfully undergone full protocol testing at the US Corps of Engineers Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA.



Watch the video


Watch the video

Case Study

Watch this testimonial from BAM Construction who have led the installation of JACKBOX along the River Aire in the centre of Leeds, West Yorkshire.

This install is part of the Leeds Flood Alleviation Project, considered to be one of the largest river flood defence schemes in the UK and JACKBOX is being used as a temporary flood barrier while the plans for the permanent weirs are implemented.

Watch the video