Our Environmental Barriers are a reliable, easy-to-deploy and robust solution for emergency flood protection or long-term wetland restoration.

This pioneering technology provides global support and emergency relief during hurricane and tropical storm season. Hesco products were used to protect homes during winter floods in the UK, ensure critical infrastructure remained functioning during seasonal flooding in Thailand, and enabled emergency service routes to remain open during hurricanes.

Originally created to protect eroding coastline, now also proven to encourage the regrowth of natural grasslands and strengthen wetland conservation areas.  


Significant Advantages

Hesco earth-filled barriers have a significant advantage over traditional sandbags, in terms of speed and structural integrity, time and labor requirement for installation.

20 minutes

A wall using HESCO earth-filled barrier can be filled by two persons and a standard front-end loader in just 20 minutes, the equivalent sized wall of 1,500 sandbags can take 10 persons up to 7 hours to fill and build.

Core products


Light, recyclable and highly flexible flood barrier

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CART Rapid Deployment

For emergency flood barrier deployment

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Protect against tropical storms, flash floods and hurricanes

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Deploy 288” of flood or defensive barrier in 60 seconds

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Case Study

Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand

In November 2011 flood waters devastated Bangkok’s Industrial Areas, totally submerging the seven major sites, having an economic effect on not only Thailand, but also the global market. To mitigate any future disaster The Royal Thai Government in conjunction with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) issued a tender to find the most suitable product and they chose CART. The product was used in different configurations in various locations where differing water depths may be expected.