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SECURITY BARRIERS TERRABLOCK A unique range of surface-mounted security barriers, designed for corporate and civilian environments, HESCO® TERRABLOCK® offers the best in public safety and security with minimal disruptions and little or no impact on the surrounding environment and aesthetics, allowing people and businesses to operate as normal with complete confidence and peace of mind.

TERRABLOCK XV provides anti-climb protection, vehicle mitigation tested to M50P1 and can be enhanced with intrusion detection and deterrents

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Hesco® Products Defensive Barriers Unrivalled capability in design and technical innovation

Renowned as the ultimate force protection barrier system

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The recoverable range features a new design to provide the ultimate in engineered force protection.

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RAID was developed to reduce the logistical burden during expeditionary operations

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CART has been designed to achieve maximum logistical efficiency and rapid protection in emergency situations

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Ballistic Resistant Armor Ready when you are American-made, thinner, lighter and concealable ballistic resistant body plates
BI 100 Series

Low visibility trauma and side plates

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BI 200 Series

Reduced visibility concealable body armor

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BI 400 Series

Rapid preparation and response plates for law enforcement entering active shooter situations

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BI 600 Series

For tactical teams and speed operations

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BI 800 Series

For fast moving, highly volatile environments

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