Training Engineering Recruits

We pride ourselves on our capability to provide onsite training, our Train the Trainer courses have been conducted around the world, from classroom to forest to desert and regularly welcoming recruits to our Head Office for pre-deployment training.

Most recently Ben Jenkins, Technical Support, traveled to Wrocław to train new engineering recruits for the Polish Army. The brief - to build protective structures, which is a key skill for military engineers. These protective structures included our HESCO Accommodation Bunkers (HAB.) Providing both side and overhead blast and fragmentation protection, the HAB provides a safe haven in remote environments. This allows military personnel to live and work with the best possible conditions, no matter how hostile the setting.

Based at the Wroclaw Training Centre, overseen by Commander Colonel Kazimierz Łucki, our Technical Manager, Ben Jenkins, led the exercise. The bunkers are engineered to accommodate electricity and air conditioning and usually found within Forward Operating Bases, Company Outposts and remote industrial facilities, however here they will remain at the Wroclaw Training Centre and will now be put to use as a management training station.

The Engineering Recruits, some new to HESCO MIL Units, where experiencing a build of this style for the first time, but our protective structures have been adapted and developed to meet a diverse range of end-user requirements, making the deployment easy to understand and easy to train others, with minimal equipment and workforce.

The Engineering Recruits took this project in their stride, and completed the deployment in an incredible timeframe, “A highly successful build time completed by very professional young soldiers” says Ben, “Dziękuję Ci.”