Hesco Barriers protecting town from post-Florence floods

Photo Credit: Flood Defense Group

Our Emergency Response Team has been supporting the South Carolina Department of Transportation alongside the National Guard and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with their flood protection operations. 

Constructing a flood barrier to protect the Highway 501 northbound into Conway, the most traveled road between Myrtle Beach and the outside world, from the after-effects of Hurricane Florence.

In a local press report from ABC15 News, Brigadier General Diana Holland, who is responsible for the USACE South Atlantic division, said,

"I'm really excited because now I see this other purpose for this thing (Hesco Flood Barriers) that was saving lives of soldiers in combat, and now it's potentially going to save lives and property here in America, so I'm pretty proud of this."  

Aaron Ackley, Hesco Emergency Response Manager, from the ground, reported,

“I received the call and within 18 hours myself and our flood units were deployed to the Highway. Currently, more than 10,000 linear feet of Hesco has been installed to keep lines of traffic open for emergency vehicles, supply chains, and residents."

Hesco Flood Barrier has been assessed to be the most effective solution for the bypass where the Waccamaw River is predicted to crest. They are strong, fast to install and a proven form of protection against rising flood waters or storm surge.



Photo Credit: SCDOT - South Carolina Dept. of Transport