Force Protection tender for Polish Defence Forces

Hesco earth-filled barriers used to protect soldiers during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict are now being used by the Polish Defence Forces as they increase their readiness in response to perceived aggression by the Russian Government.

The Force Protection Tender sought rapidly deployable defensive barriers to be deployed along borderlines and though Hesco is mostly recognised for shaping the desert landscape, HESCO MIL units are also engineered for urban conflicts.

 Hamish Russell, Business Development Manager, Hesco commented:

"When you say Hesco the majority picture an arduous desert deployment, but Hesco has shaped many landscapes; from snow covered streets of Bosnia, flooded New York subways to manicured grounds of metropolitan hotels. Whether used as a preventative barrier or to define boundaries this earth-filled barrier creates a formidable shield and the fill material, which gives it its protective capabilities, can be easily sourced anywhere, making it the most versatile of force protection barriers."

Hesco are also known for their onsite support and training packages, they have achieved an outstanding reputation by have having personnel, partners and distributors stationed in Europe, the Middle East, United States and Asia, enabling support anywhere in the world. Megmar, a valued Hesco distributor, situated in the heart of Poland and highly experienced in delivering products to the Armed Forced will be managing this deployment.