Zombie Invitational OCTOBER 2017


Introducing our newest sponsorship; The 2017 HESCO Zombie Invitational…We pride ourselves on the protection of our military and law enforcement and now we can ensure you’re all prepared for the ultimate challenge - the Zombie Apocalypse!

Based on the premise of an outbreak of the fictional Zomboxococcus Bacteria, this two day Recon-style precision rifle, pistol and shotgun competition is open only to qualified, respected, and experienced military, law enforcement, and security professionals.

How it works...

Each competitor must leave their vehicle at the start of opening morning with everything they will need each day and carry it for the entirety. If caught in a Zombie outbreak, you only have what is with you at the time or in a pre-planned Go Bag.

There will be timed elements to the stages, intricate and unique shooting solutions, and head shots…Yes; every stage is cleared only if the targets get a head shot!

Current and former Law Enforcement, Military and those civilians with previous competitive experience will find this event incredibly challenging...register now and winners of the competition will receive HESCO Body Armor.

Click here to go to the Zombie Invitational website