NGAUS 2018


New Orleans, LA

Join us at the largest event for National Guard officers from 50 states and U.S. territories. 

Learn more about our innovative perimeter protection and border control barriers. Find out more about our lightest hard armor plates and we'll share experiences had and best practices we've developed by working alongside the National Guard. 

Shreveport, LA - Around 02:00 we received a call from the city engineer; the river levels had risen even more than expected and they lost the protection of the permanent concrete wall, the river had over-topped.

The 527th Engineer Battalion of Louisiana National Guard and our Technical Support Team completed a 9ft high protective flood wall, consisting of 2200 linear feet of Hesco baskets, within 24 hours moments before the permanent concrete flood wall over-topped.


Please note that this is a past event. For more upcoming events see our Events page