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Flood Protection in Walsenburg, Co

Hesco Distributer Flood Defense Group Provides miles of Flood Protection to Colorado Wildfire Burn Scar Areas

Many areas in the Western United States are experiencing frequent wildfires, which can often result in subsequent flooding when rain falls, or during the spring thaw as snow melts.

Flood barriers placed under a railway overpass

Following extensive wildfires at Spring Creek, Walsenburg, Colorado has become extremely vulnerable to flooding.

In order to protect the town, Flood Defense Group has delivered over two miles of flood protection and a variety of flood defense barriers, including Hesco Floodline to Frontier Environmental and the US Department of Agriculture. The firm has also provided on-site construction support to ensure the design and configuration of the Flood protection system is optimal. 

Hesco and trusted Distributors Flood Defense Group work closely with Local and national authorities, as well as business and individuals to best protect people, property, and infrastructure from flood. Find out more about Flood Protection in your area

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