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Protecting Berlin Christmas Market

Two years after the terrorist attack on the Breitscheidplatz Christmas market, Berlin, authorities have taken action to increase ground security at this year’s events. TERRABLOCK is designed to protect against possible attacks by vehicles and will provide unrivaled perimeter protection throughout this high-risk season.

Hesco’s technical team got to work designing the most effective TERRABLOCK configuration to protect the Wormser Weihnachtsmarkt, due to open to the public on Monday and remain open until Christmas Eve. This week, they traveled to Berlin and worked through the night with local forces on the ground, to ensure a swift installation without disruption to daytime traffic.

Technical manager Ben Jenkin’s reported a successful deployment.

"This design offers the best possible protection for visitors and the public in this urban setting," said Ben.

"While this level of security may seem alarming to some, we’d all much rather have the protection in place and it not be needed, than need risk another tragic incident. The system not only provides real protection but a visual deterrent to ward off potential threats.”

 Originally developed for the 2012 London Olympic games, TERRABLOCK provides a completely surface mounted security solution, ideal for corporate and civilian environments. The flat-packed units are easy to transport, install, and recover with no structural damage or alternation to its surroundings. 

Despite the minimal impact to the local environment, TERRABLOCK  XL uses Hesco’s patented energy transfer system (ETS) to offer protection against hostile vehicles. Independently crash-tested, it carries an IWA-14 rating against impact penetration.