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Executive Protection Lifestyle Podcast

SHOT Show is one of our busiest and most successful events of the year. But beyond the leads and sales, the additional benefits of attending a show are sometimes hard to measure. At a show so central to its industry, the personal connections made there can be just as valuable as the dollars and cents returns.

At this year’s show, president and General Manager of Hesco Armor Jeremy Gray had the chance to connect with Byron Rodgers. Byron describes himself as a service-centered Executive Protection Agent, Motivational Speaker, Video Blogger, Published Author, and Veteran on a steadfast mission to empower men and above all, keep people safe.

Earlier this year, they got together to record a podcast, and share Jeremy’s expert knowledge of the body armor industry with Bryon’s followers. In just over an hour, the pair take you through protection in the workplace, how to choose the right body armor for the threat you face, the truth about NIJ ratings, how best to care for your plates, and a few things you might not know about Hesco.

Byron says:

 “In this episode, I spent time with Jeremy Gray who not only has a colorful military background but is also currently acting as the business and development manager for shoot houses and barriers within HESCO. 
“During our time together we cover physical barrier protection as well as personal body armor. This topic is something that any serious protector or modern-day warrior should take the time to understand thoroughly in my opinion, primarily because a mistake in this aspect of your game might not be realized until it is already too late.“

Episode Itinerary :

01:13 – Introduction

02:59 – Body armor

03:23 – Background

05:02 – Education

12:31 – Hesco armor

13:45 – Structural protection

17:19 – Terrablock

20:27 – Cartier

25:10 – What is your life worth?

34:10 – Soft armor

39:41 – Most common threats to law enforcement

49:14 – Low pro options

56:57 – Weight factor/Performance factor

1:06:32 – Law enforcement

1:11:01 – Moral of the story

1:14:26 – End credits