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Introducing a ground-breaking M40 P2 crash-rated access control barrier.

In 2017, we launched TERRABLOCK, a completely surface-mounted hostile vehicle mitigation perimeter fence, engineered for critical infrastructure security and urban asset protection. This year, at International Security Expo, Olympia London, we welcome the new TERRABLOCK Rising Arm Barrier (RAB).

Impact tested at Karco, California, TERRABLOCK RAB was installed in under six hours, joined with the HESCO Energy Transfer System to HESCO earth-filled units. With zero ground work preparation the barrier stopped a truck weighing 6800kg travelling at 40MPH. The barrier brought the vehicle to a complete stop within 5-meters, ensuring that any following vehicles and hostiles on foot were unable to pass around the vehicle to enter the site. The beam also remained fully intact on impact.

Maggie Horritt, Hesco Technology and Production Development Manager, and engineer behind this barrier understood the need for a rising arm barrier that would mitigate all forms of unauthorised access;


The TERRABLOCK RAB has a unique design which enables controlled lift on exposed sites and prevents smaller vehicles from attempting push under style attacks. As well as stopping a 40mph hostile vehicle the tamper-proof design protects the locking mechanics from sabotage. Joined to HESCO Barriers or systems already in place, the TERRABLOCK RAB gives controlled access without compromising security.