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Security Inadequacy Costing Lives

Event Security – An Inadequacy Costing Lives

People across the UK are continuing to process the aftermath of the terror attacks in both London and Manchester, as well as recent overseas incidents. We are now starting to see the impact on the entertainment and events industry with an increased level of security at public events.

A number of events were cancelled following the attacks and Live Nation began issuing refunds to anyone who felt that attending concerts in the UK wasn’t safe, with four UK film premieres were also cancelled.

Worldwide, organisers of concerts, festivals and sporting events are all considering the measures that can be taken to increase the level of security, providing peace of mind in the wake of the recent attacks- so how can event organisers and venues improve their security and where have they been going wrong so far?

In response to the attacks that have happened this year was an influx in armed police present outside festivals, concerts and music halls. This went for small events too, that previously would not have had this level of protection. Other increased security measures included, limiting access and entry points and increasingly thorough bag and body searches.

For many venues, restrictions have been placed on the sizes of bags that can be taken into arenas; for example, only bags up to 35cm x 40cm will be allowed into The SSE Hydro and Armadillo venues in Scotland, larger bags will be searched again before being checked into a cloakroom. Other measures across the globe include using search dogs to monitors queues and metal detectors.

It’s difficult to fully discuss the varying security measures that have been implemented as the clandestine nature of them needs to be upheld - disclosing them gives individuals an opportunity to navigate their way around them. 

The issues that many venues and event’s organisers are facing is the new breed of ‘lone-wolf’ attackers who are not part of a network of militants, making it harder for security agencies to be alerted.

A degree of improving security comes down to vigilance and the anticipation of all eventualities. While for many years, security professionals have been tasked with the issues that included preventing weapons entering such spaces, more recently, we have seen a trend of vehicles being used to inflict harm – with seven incidents being reported in the last twelve months.  What’s more terrifying is that terror groups are encouraging followers to use vehicles as weapons if they have no other means of attack; the sad reality is that we are facing a broad spectrum of threats – therefore we have developed products that we believe can be used to vastly reduce the damage and harm that vehicles can inflict in such instances.

The threat of terror in urban environments is becoming ever more prevalent, and it is for this reason that event organisers and venues must take the steps to ensure that they are implementing the strategies and using the products that are going to protect the safety of attendees and ultimately, save their lives.

Within our TERRABLOCK range, we have developed patented ground-mounted, deployable security fences that protect individuals from a number of potential threats and harmful situations, including those caused by vehicles. TERRABLOCK XL and TERRABLOCK XR are ideal for vehicle and crowd control in urban environments; they are not limited by ground conditions and have unrestricted length, with high, anti-climb front facing panels.

These innovative products stop both hostile vehicles and intruders; the patented energy transfer system, transfers energy from impact zone along the entire length of the unit meaning that vehicles and intruders are unable to penetrate the barriers.

While many of us are determined to maintain resilience and not let the threat of terror prevent us from living our lives as fully as possible, it’s understandable that the increase in the frequency and severity of attacks are now beginning to chip away at our strength in the face of adversity. 

We believe that by using TERRABLOCK security fences in conjunction with a host of other strategies, we can ease attendee’s anxiety.