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Making the RAID video

Putting our biggest innovations on the small screen

RAID is our innovative solution to the problems we see our end-users facing, day in day out. Halving transportation requirements, minimizing the manpower needed to deploy, and providing cover at a speed never seen before. With RAID, we face the evolving changes of overseas conflict, border security, and perimeter protection, head-on. It's something we're really proud of, and a testament to our Technical team, headed up by Mike Pickup.

It really has to be seen to be believed and video was the ideal way for us to illustrate the capabilities and potential applications to those it was designed for. Putting a big concept into a small video was no easy task, so we assembled an elite team to get the job done.

“HESCO always approach projects with great detail and professionalism. In terms of video, they know what they want and always have a good plan, which makes our job much easier.” Ryan Mulhern is Director of First Frame Productions (FFP), and producer of the MIL assembly guide

“When working with them on video projects it feels like we come together as one team and bounce ideas around then implement what we feel works.”

The military is at the heart of Hesco’s products, and there’s no way a RAID video could be complete without them. James Collins, Warrant Officer Second Class with the Department for International Trade, led the way.

“In honest truth, it wasn’t one the easiest things I have organised…” Says James, who needed to find a base with the right equipment, and secure all the necessary permissions to film the deploying of the product.

“After a couple of months of emailing Army and RAF Units within 70 miles of Leeds I could not find the current in-service EPLS (Enhanced Palletised Load System) located at a training area, but a quick chat to an ex-colleague and I was made aware that 26 Engineer Regt in Tidworth had both.”

Soldiers from the 26 Engineer regiment were assigned to the filming for the day, in exchange for further Hesco product training with Ben Jenkins

Michael Coates of the Declassified Podcast, after previously presenting our MIL unit assembly guide.
Never did I think that 13 years after using HESCO for the first time in Iraq on operation Telic that I would be working with the team in producing some fantastic content.” Says Michael. Hesco and Michael formed a partnership last year, to support the ongoing podcast which documents military stories and opens the discussion around PTSD in the community.

“Michael knows the product, knows our business, and so understood the message and style we wanted to document.” Says Ross Thompson, Hesco Brand Marketing Director. 

“He is a military veteran and so also knew how to communicate with the soldiers we were working with.”

The night before the shoot, the team headed down to Tidworth, hoping to make up to a clear day to capture RAID. Instead, they were met with icy fog. 

“We were really excited to finally get started with filming, but the weather was a big concern.” Says Helen Houseman, Senior Creative. With only one container of RAID to film, there was only one chance to get it right.

“Ryan and his team at FFP are creatively ambitious but also grounded and realistic when it comes to what can actually be done.” Says Ross. “The product speaks for itself, so it’s easy to show off its awesomeness in the right environment. They used the weather in our favour to create a moody atmosphere.”

But it was the Sappers that saved the day, working in the freezing weather all day to get the shots we needed.

“Having this team, together with the military expertise meant we could push things even further than we have before.” Says Helen.

“We filmed with drones, right up close to the moving vehicles, even hanging out the back of a truck!”

“It was great to be back with an Engineer Regiment and see a few old friends.” Says Michael, who served in the Royal Engineers for six years. He and James had been based together in Germany.
“The Royal Engineer admiration is obviously still there in force and it was fantastic to see the team of Sappers working with RAID for the first time.”

Seeing the EPLS deploying the RAID is not something you see every day,” says James.
“The guys thanked me because they’re normally in a fixed routine. The POM (digger driver) hadn’t operated a plant vehicle in a long time.”

“They were professional and energetic,” agrees Ross, “given that it was very cold and we were asking them to do a lot of waiting around and then a lot of heavy lifting, they didn’t complain once… but maybe because they were hoping to get free pizza.”

“...We did buy them pizza.”


While one of the most difficult to film, Hesco RAID is one of our most popular products to watch. Clips of our previous films have been shared thousands of times, and our latest video is no exception. In just one week of release, the RAID commercial received over 10,000 views.

“I think everyone is really pleased with the end result,” says Helen, “RAID is such an impressive product in person and we’ve really done it justice this time.”

Michael agrees it was well worth the effort, “It was a cold day but everyone enjoyed themselves and really got on with the work when they were needed. Lots of elements went into the production and you can tell it was a happy team by the end product.”




Find out more about the applications of Hesco RAID, or download the whitepaper for an in-depth look at its design. Subscribe to Hesco Group on Youtube to see our latest product videos and testing footage.