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Zombie Invitational 2019


West Virginia

Prepare for the ultimate challenge: the Zombie Apocalypse. 

Based on the premise of an outbreak of the fictional Zomboxococcus Bacteria, this two-day Recon-style precision rifle, pistol and shotgun competition is open to qualified and experienced military, law enforcement, and security professionals.

How it works...

Each competitor must leave their vehicle at the start of the opening morning with everything they will need each day, and carry it for the entirety of the event. If caught in a Zombie outbreak, you only have what is with you at the time or in a pre-planned Go Bag.

A three-gun match like no other, ZI3G incorporates timed elements to the stages, intricate and unique shooting solutions, and one important rule for dealing with zombies -  You'll need to get a headshot to make it to the next round. 

Over 50 prizes will be won at the event, including Hesco Armor U210, 3810, and 3800 plates.

Registration is open now, Click here to go to the Zombie Invitational website. 

Please note that this is a past event. For more upcoming events see our Events page