Michael Hughes



Michael joined Hesco in 2010 as non-executive Chairman and became Chief Executive Officer in 2012. His initial focus was to restructure the Hesco Group and subsequently he has set the strategic direction of this global organization, ensuring Hesco remains the leader in protective solutions through maintaining its delivery of exemplary products and services, and by continuing its history of innovation through new product development. More recently, as CEO of Hesco Group, he has also driven the strategy of expansion into new but related market sectors, such as armor.

Michael is a Fellow Chartered Accountant, was a partner at Andersen and worked at Board level for a number of companies, gaining extensive international experience. His roles during this period include CEO, Finance Director and Corporate Treasurer, as well as being a co-founder of WPA Associates, a consultancy business for which he continues to be a director. He has over 35 years of general commercial experience in a variety of businesses, of which 17 years were spent in practice, specializing in all aspects of corporate finance transactions.

As CEO of Hesco Group, he continues to oversee all aspects of the group’s global activities, ensuring Hesco continues to be responsive in all its respective markets. A key element of his role as CEO is to maintain the maverick nature of the people and business ethos, which has made and will continue to make Hesco such a highly successful brand in the markets in which it operates.