Behind the Barrier


We pride ourselves on our experience and our integrity; our strength is our team. Working to provide reliable and robust protection solutions, from hill stabilization in Malaysia to protecting members of the United States Coast Guard.   

We have personnel stationed in Europe, the Middle East, United States and Asia, on hand to provide support wherever and whenever it is needed.

We will travel to the area of operation to provide proven onsite assistance; whether that involves evaluating the area of concern to provide a workable solution, training your installation teams, or working by your side filling flood baskets outside your home.


Mandy Atkinson

Chief Finance Officer, Hesco Group

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KevinLyons 1600x1000.jpg

Kevin Lyons

Chief Operations Officer, Hesco Bastion

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Joe Kawaky 1600x1000.jpg

Joe Kawaky

Chief Business Development Officer, Hesco Armor

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Ross Thompson 1600x1000.jpg

Ross Thompson

Brand Marketing Director

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Mike Pickup 1600x1000.jpg (1)

Mike Pickup

Engineering Director

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RD4F5591Jeremy Gray_2b 1600x1000.jpg

Jeremy Gray

Business Development Manager, Hesco Armor

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