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About Hesco

We are the original developers of earth-filled barrier technology. Since 1991 our products have been deployed in the most hostile parts of the world, saving countless lives and billions of dollars worth of mission critical assets.

We protect homes from nature’s fiercest storms; keeping emergency routes open, hospitals running and offering temporary housing for those displaced by conflict or natural disaster. Rapidly deployable and readily available; we invest in solutions to reduce logistical burdens when faced with an emergency situation.

Expanding beyond earth-filled protection, our product range now includes ballistic resistant plates; protecting the protectors with thinner and lighter body armor.

We engineer products that inspire confidence in multiple uses in military, security and environmental applications.

HESCO barriers began with the idea of one man: Jimi Heselden. He needed to protect a property that faced being destroyed by fierce storms on the coast of North Yorkshire, UK, so he developed a wire-mesh gabion system that allowed him to construct the protective wall that saved his family home. This innovation would become the HESCO Concertainer Unit, acknowledged as the most significant development in field fortification since WWII.

We have since expanded our portfolio to now include environmental and security barriers, border security, hostile vehicle mitigation solutions and ballistic resistant armor plates.

We continue to develop new applications and innovations for protective systems, whether it is an earth-filled barrier or protective body armor, we maintain integrity and innovation in everything we create, preserving our humble origins; remembering that Hesco started on the need to protect a family home.

Our History

Mission and Values

The protection of people and assets whenever and wherever we are needed

We act with integrity.
We drive innovation.
We are incisive.

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Protection you can count on

With an accumulative century of military experience, and Technical Support Teams qualified to train and instruct in all fields of deployments.

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We have personnel stationed in Europe, the Middle East, United States and Asia, on-hand to provide support wherever and whenever it is needed.

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