At HESCO we provide confidence through the quality of design, development and manufacture of each product. From flood to military operations, procurement professionals can specify our HESCO® products for multiple applications, confident in their ability to protect personnel, property or environments.

Defensive Barriers

The original HESCO Concertainer units are renowned for protecting troops in conflicts around the world. The Concertainer unit is a multi-cellular wall system manufactured from welded zinc-aluminum coated steel wire mesh and joined with vertical, helical-coil joints. The units are lined with a heavy-duty non-woven polypropylene geotextile.

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Flood Barriers

HESCO flood units are specially lined to reduce seepage. The design of these units reduces permeability of the wall. Flood units are designed for easy removal and are suitable for filling with earth, sand, or well-graded gravel.

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Storm Barriers

HESCO storm units are fully lined to provide maximum integrity when barriers are subjected to debris impact. The design of these units reduces permeability of the wall and for easy deployment during emergencies.

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Erosion Barriers

HESCO erosion barriers are Delta Faced, to dissipate wave energy and for use specifically in wetland restoration projects. A geotextile-lined unit with unlined front compartments, alternately rectangular and triangular. The geotextile-lined rear section allows the use of more economical fill such as earth or sand to allow planting, and unlined sections for retaining organic material.

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Protective Structures

The original HESCO Accommodation Bunker, the HAB 1 was designed to provide side and overhead blast and fragmentation protection from IDF weapons. HAB 2 offers enhanced ballistic protection and a more useable interior space. Other protectctive structures include the HESCO Guard Post and Lightweight Bunker Roof.

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Rapid Deployment

RAID and CART are specially designed and engineered rapid-deployment systems, which achieve maximum logistical efficiency and fast protection in emergency situations.

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Security Fences

The HRSF (High Redeployable Security Fence) is designed to provide a rapidly deployed high-level security fence. The fence utilizes the same technology as Concertainer units and can be built on undulating or sloping ground. It does not require a prepared surface, excavation or posts, but is anchored in place by readily available bulk bags.

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Security Barriers

HESCO security barriers are comprised of a MIL unit with an added unlined section to hold rock or other architectural fill material. This provides a barrier with all the defensive capabilities of the MIL unit used, but with an appearance that will integrate with the built environment around it.

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Architectural Walls

These part-lined and unlined HESCO units create aesthetically pleasing architectural walls for domestic and commercial use, as well as for environmental control and security applications.

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