We have worked with global corporations and manufacturers, international governments and local agencies, providing successful solutions for expeditionary missions, disaster management, NGO and civilian security. We remain determined to develop and improve our customer service and to better understand our customers’ requirements in order to continue to deliver exceptional service.

National Armed Forces

In 1996 HESCO barriers emerged as the technology of choice for the U.S Army. Now whenever US forces are deployed overseas, HESCO products are used to protect key assets and personnel. This places our product under the most testing conditions of all – those of military combat. Only HESCO has met that test consistently and successfully and provided force-protection products for the US Army, USMC, USAF, UK MOD and NATO. As well as providing force-protection to specific international actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, we supply products to the armed forces of Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, among others. Find out more about the extraordinary achievements of HESCO defensive barriers.

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Civil & Environmental

The origins HESCO are rooted in defense against the elements. Our work defending the United States against hurricanes, 100-year and 500-year flood, coastal erosion and disasters both natural and man-made, has been the foundation of our American operations, since 2004. We have worked with Federal and State agencies, as well as major institutions and corporations. Our experience and rigorous testing program have produced a range of environmental products that have become part of the American landscape. HESCO now provides that experience to many countries around the world. Find out more about HESCO environmental projects in the US and other countries.

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Security & Government Agencies

HESCO have provided protection for government buildings and embassies to UN mission headquarters, from peace-keeping personnel and refugee camps to oil installations and power infrastructure, from key venues in the London 2012 Olympics to explosive stores and ammunition compounds. The testing arena of military combat has ensured that HESCO are the leading provider of security barriers to customers around the world. Find out more about the range of HESCO security barriers and fences used by our customers.

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